Harbor Cove Lodge

Our home is designed with you in mind. We've tailored each room, our hospitality and amenities to make your stay is as enjoyable and relaxing as possible. We hope that our attention to detail and desire to pamper you shines through each and every moment of your stay. 

Our dream is that you will bring your family back through the years, as we have ours, and this will be your mountain lodge as a Harbor Cove Family.


Barbara Barker and her daughters, Briana Krank and Stephanie Krank, own Harbor Cove Lodges vacation home rental, inherited from Barbara's parents, Jerry and Pat Albright. You will find family pictures and the history at the house.

About us and our Family Vacation Home Rentals

Our rooms offer the rustic elegance and comfort you have been looking for your whole life. With our historical and fun motif, you're sure to enjoy any stay with us, whether you're here to relax or for some fun on the slopes. And all of our beds offer you luxurious comfort  so you can ensure that you'll sleep soundly.  We are sure to be your favorite luxury vacation home rental. 


The lodge has been newly renovated and features carefully chosen decor and attention to detail.


Spacious Rooms

We offer five spacious bedrooms  that are designed to provide a place of peace. 

Large Bathrooms

If relaxing is more your style, be sure to check out our luxurious showers or hot tub and spend your afternoon unwinding and relaxing in pure bliss